Allow me to take you through the intricacies of my artistic journey, where each layer of lacquer is an adventure, and every artwork tells a story.

I am Claire Lassonnery, a contemporary visual artist, and this is my story.

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Chapter 1

When eastern lacquer art meets western abstract art

It all began in the city of lights, Lyon, where I was born. Growing up in an ultra-modern home bathed in light, every sunbeam seemed to narrate a tale, and every shadow held a promise of inspiration. As a student, I earned a doctorate in pharmacy. Nothing at that time hinted at a career in art. Then, I settled in Paris, the city of Art, for my first job.

In Paris, the discovery of abstract art was a revelation for me. I was captivated by the freedom offered by this style, where shapes, colours, and lines transcended the realistic representation of the world. This exploration opened doors to a realm of endless possibilities, stimulating my creativity and urging me to push boundaries.

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Chapter 2

When the discipline of lacquer blends with the freedom of abstraction

And that was just the beginning of my journey. For thirty years, I travelled the globe as an expatriate, seeking new experiences and forms of artistic expression.

From Kyoto to Ho Chi Minh City, I explored the palaces of Japan and mastered the technique of lacquer in Vietnam.

In Bangkok, I honed my own technique, blending traditional lacquer art with a contemporary and abstract style.

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Chapter 3

When the textures of precision give form to freedom

My artistic signature lies in the colours that narrate my life’s journey: the blue of the Mediterranean, the red of China, the black of Japan, the yellow of Vietnam, and the pink of Thailand. Each hue carries within it a story, each texture an emotion.

Thus, my works are not just visual creations; they are gateways to a world of immersive experience and sensory depth. They invite the viewer to plunge into an ocean of sensations, to feel each colour or texture like a gentle caress of the soul.