In my artistic process, I employ an original technique by combining two age-old traditions: the art of Chinese lacquer with impasto. This approach, rooted in tradition yet firmly directed towards the future, reflects my constant desire to explore new artistic paths.


Colour preparation: Prior to painting, I meticulously select and blend pigments. With my background as a pharmacist, I carefully study each mixture for its desired effect, experimenting with proportions, textures, and transparencies. My goal is to capture the essence of the emotion I wish to convey through my art, with each colour bearing symbolic significance beyond mere visuals.

The impasto technique

The impasto technique used with Layering of lacquers: On certain areas of the artwork, I add another layer of lacquer before the drying time ends. The impasto technique allows for the creation of a palpable texture that emerges through meticulous sanding, adding a tactile dimension to the artwork. Additionally, it provides depth and relief to the piece, generating three-dimensional effects that captivate.


Polishing: The transparency of the varnish enables light to interact with the colours, creating a captivating visual spectacle that evolves with variations in brightness.